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May 21st 2:44 PM
Has anyone heard of a German made Stueben Sax? Secondly, besides Yamaha being the best student sax, what other good student saxes can you get on a beer budget?
Jerry K.
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May 22nd 12:38 AM
Bones, just take a look at various threads in the Inexpensive Saxes section for numerous dicsussions of inexpensive horns including the "Not Gemaan Made Steuben" Taiwanese or Chinese sax offered by the biggest B.S. Artist I've ever seen on eBay. Seen quite a few and this character takes the cake for total number of false claims in a single listing.
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May 22nd 9:50 AM
Thanks for the info. I am sorry i did not look further into the threads. Appreciate the answer and the warning.
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May 23rd 10:10 AM
"Steuben: Designed by German Technicians on a Beer Budget?" :-)

I dunno. A Steuben sax might be great for drinking beer OUT of, though.