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MML Apr 27th 2:03 PM
If my sax's lacquer (normal gold color) is gone in one day,

1) Can I re-coat all the lacquer BUT all silver plating?

2) Any influence of the sound quality & intonation? Better or worst? Or must try first?

3) What's the market price for this service in U.S now?
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Apr 28th 4:37 PM
1. Yes.
2. Yes, different. I prefer the silver plate sound which is more resonant to my ear.
3. Expensive, allow at least $1000.
Robert Gifford
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May 17th 10:14 PM
Its an interesting question to ask. First you have to consider what sax you have cost, etc..... and if the silver plating really is silver. If you think its worth paying $1k, then go for it... if not, then don't do it.
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May 18th 11:17 AM
Actually, in the U.S., you should be able to get your sax silver plated for much less than $1000. Last time I checked, Anderson Plating was doing them for $100-200, if the horn was prepped. Prepped means disassembled, depadded, delacqued, dents fixed, and buffed, ready to go for plating. That will add probably $200+- to it, and if I remember correctly, Anderson will do that for you if you can't find a good repairman to do it.

If you do get your ax silver plated, be sure & checkout the old style 'frosted'/sandblasted look, possibly with gold wash inside the bell, as that's a lot neater(IMO) looking that the typical bright, shiny plate you see on modern horns.