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May 14th 12:31 AM
I have followed the thread about buescher from Roger Aldridge with great interest. I too have have 1929 TT. I like the sound, but have problem with intonation. All the modern mpcs didn't work so I go the runyon custom jazz (supposed to be the art pepper model). That helped. But still not quite there.

I would like to know what is the neck inserts that were mentioned in the above thread. From what I gather it is a plastic tubing (how long??) inserted into the neck (which end??).

Hope someone can help.
Roger Aldridge
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May 14th 11:59 AM

Paul will have to help you with the neck inserts. If memory serves, he posted some information about them on another thread.

In my experience I've found that finding the best possible match between instrument and mouthpiece is absolutely essential.

Another essential thing is to have the horn checked out by a good repair tech to make sure that it's in good playing condition. There can be mechanical reasons for a horn to have intonation problems. Buescher saxophones are known for their good intonation. Thus, if I was in your shoes I'd make sure that there is nothing wrong with the instrument.

Going back to mouthpieces.....

When I first got my 1929 Buescher soprano the intonation was TERRIBLE. However, it was not the horn's fault. Rather, it was due entirely to the design of the mouthpiece (Beechler) I was using. I don't mean to say that Beechler mouthpieces are bad. It just that a modern Beechler soprano mouthpiece does not have the correct length and chamber design for a vintage Buescher. Long story short, I spoke with Ralph Morgan and he made a mouthpiece for me that plays like a dream on my Buescher soprano. With this mouthpiece the intonation is excellent.

In fact, Ralph recently made a c-melody mouthpiece that completely transformed the intonation on my 1919 Conn curved neck c-melody! If my 83 year old c-melody can have better intonation with a Morgan mouthpiece I have absolutely NO DOUBT that your Buescher True Tone can, likewise, play better with a Morgan mouthpiece.

If you want to try a Morgan, I suggest that you first try one of his MEDIUM chamber jazz mouthpieces such as a 6M or 7M. I used a 6L (large chamber) on another horn and got a great sound with it. However, when I switched horns and started using the 6L on my Buescher alto I found that my set up had too much resistance. I talked with Ralph about it and he suggested the 6M mouthpiece. Of course, get the tip opening that works best for you.

Neck inserts may provide additional benefits. I am not arguing against them. But, my personal opinion is to first work on getting the right mouthpiece for your horn and go from there.

Good luck!!!!
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May 14th 12:13 PM
Tore H...? Calling Tore H...?
Quijote May 14th 12:35 PM
Tore HOLE after you insert the neck into the hole.
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May 15th 9:23 AM
Roger, thanks for the info. I haven't tried the morgan mpcs yet. Will try to get my hands on one. The runyon custom jazz is supposed to have the vintage chamber, eliminating the intonation problems associated with modern mpcs.

Initially, I tried it with a beechler....way off. Then I got the custom jazz and that worked out quite ok (still not quite spot on). After hearing about the inserts on the previous buescher thread, I thot I'd give it a try.

I had a tech look at my horn, did some adjustment already. Was thinking that it was the 'nature' of the horn.

I shall try to look for the thread with the relevant info from paul. Any idea where I should start?
Paul C.
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May 15th 10:20 AM
Tore had some excellent material on the Buescher necks. I have it archived in my mail, and would be glad to forward it to you. Write me at [email protected]

The Custom (not the Custom Jazz,which has a different chamber) was formerly known as the Art Pepper model, until he passed away.
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May 15th 8:20 PM
Hey all -- I've been looking for my explanation of the neck inserts I make but haven't found it yet. I'll keep looking.

Short version: you get some of that clear PVC tubing they sell in hardware stores, stick a hunk of it about 3/4" long in the cork end of your neck and start messing around. That'll get you started...
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May 16th 2:08 AM
Hey paulwl,

Thanks for checking in here! One question, how think should the pvc tubing be?

Hope my hardware store round the corner carry these tubes. I'll try some out really soon.
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May 16th 3:56 AM
I mean.....How thick should the pvc tubing be?