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Apr 14th 9:30 PM
if so, which one, is it any good, etc
Steve Cars
User ID: 2386864
Apr 14th 9:53 PM
Yes, and I don't know. I just tossed my catalog. But you can get one mailed to you free from their web site...
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Apr 15th 11:03 AM

Most of the Yanagisawa's come with their hard rubber #5 mouthpiece. It's chamber is round and a bit smaller than my Meyer medium chamber 6M piece. The tip opening is a little smaller than I care for on the Yani but overall it's a good piece. They sell new for $120 US or more.

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Apr 16th 2:31 AM
Yep, I reckon the Yani mouthpieces as supplied are excellent. They are definitely a pro quality piece so give it a try, you will probably like it, they play very well.
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May 9th 5:10 PM
What is their website?