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May 7th 12:45 AM
I placed a visit to a local music instrument shore in recent, the display window was putting Yamaha Custome YAS-855 & 875. The salesman told me YAS-875 is more suitable for Classical music & 855 is good for Jazz sound. The price is very close for these 2 sax.

Does anybody who tried both horn before? What's your comment?
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May 7th 6:31 AM
Personal choice, Alto. I have owned both. I prefer the 875 and I play jazz exlusively on sax. They are the same horn accept for the bore dimensions. The 875 is a bit broader tone. Keywork, finish, and metalurgy is identical, otherwise.
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May 7th 6:46 AM
The alto review on gives some hints - look at the link on the lower LHS of the home page. I was thinking about this choice myself a little while back and asked Steve at that shop for his views, he is a good player and I value his advice. There are a few of these on offer at the moment at
Brice B.
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May 7th 8:04 AM cannot sell Yamaha instruments to customers outside of Europe.
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May 8th 2:49 AM
I bet our Office of Fair Trading would be interested to know that!
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May 8th 12:49 PM
Aren't they down the hall from the Ministry of Funny Walks?