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May 8th 2:13 AM
Where can I get info about sax tricks, like altissimo, flutter-tongue, etc. I can already growl, throat/tongue-slide, produce harmonics, hit G5(I think, it's two octaves above 123|--- and octave key G). I'm mainly looking for other tricks, really cool runs or multiphonics. If I could get it free, that would be great, otherwise, do you folks know of any good books to look at? Please email [email protected] I'm not a regular (yet). ;)
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May 9th 9:47 AM
how 'bout learning how to play your horn with a nice sound, good tuning, appropriate phrasing first?

Am doing a musical run right now with a kid who knows how to play alto way too loud, and has a few 'hot' modern licks under his fingers, but doesn't seem to have a clue as to what the term 'stylistic' means...
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May 9th 3:00 PM
how do u know he doesnt know how to play with "nice sound, good tuning, appropriate phrasing" u shouldnt jump to conclusions
soprano player
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May 9th 6:51 PM
Check out John Laughter's Rock&Roll Saxophone book. Everything you need to play those effects are in there. There's a CD with it too.
Ian O'B May 11th 10:36 AM
It's all about experimentation. Sure, you'll probably destroy the neighbors' ear drums with those horrible noises coming out of your horn, but once in a while you'll find a note or two. I'm sure you're already doing this, and a good book like that will definitely help you.

I found all the altissimo notes up to C4 just by messing around, and that was on a Selmer C mouthpiece. Now I'm working on going between those notes, doing licks with them, etc.
Paul C.
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May 12th 8:59 PM
Go to the main page of Sax On The Web,, and enter the Sax On The Web Store. You can find John's books, Rock & Roll Saxophone and Contemporary Saxophone. These two books come with CD's, examples from pop and rock tunes demonstrating the various effects discussed.