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James K.
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Apr 11th 9:22 AM
I have Alto Vito sax. White keywork.
Nice sax. S/N 31***.
I don`t know where is made my Vito.
Inscriptions such as "Made in France", "Taiwan", "Japan" or "USA" are absent.

Please help me.

James K.
Ian O'B. May 11th 10:38 AM
It's most likely made here in the United States by Yanagisawa factories, I think they're located in the Midwest. Vito is the student line of Yanagisawa. I also have one of these and was surprised to also find no marks of craftsmanship other than "Vito".
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May 11th 12:35 PM
Yanagisawa is made in Japan, not the United States.

Some Vito saxes were made by Yanagisawa.

The Vito name is applied to student line instruments marketed by the G. LeBlanc company, which distributes Yanagisawa saxes in the U.S.

They also had Yanagisawa produce saxophones under the Martin name, which the LeBlanc co. also owns.
W. Minier
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May 11th 3:56 PM
There are no Vito saxes made by Yanagisawa. Although I don't know why. Yanagisawa is distrubited by LeBlanc in Kenosha Wis. The Vito was named after Vito Pascucchi, the owner. But for the past 20 some odd years Leblanc has used Yamaha as a manufacturing source. I see Vito bells and bodies that are shipped to me(Yamaha) all the time. Doesn't make sense, I know, but that's the way it is. So James K, your Vito is probably a Yamaha 21 or 23.
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May 11th 4:01 PM
The newest and newer Vitos are made in Taiwant. Vitos were made for a few years in Japan when they were Yamaha 23s with different engraving. Before that they were made in France. If it doesn't say Japan, its most likely made in Taiwan.
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May 11th 4:11 PM
The top of the line Vito Baritone - the VSP - is a Yanagisawa 901 with a different badge. The newer ones even say 901 on them. I think some of the other higher end Vitos might be Yanagisawas as well.

The student instruments were made by Yamaha for years - even some of the clarinets were made by Yamaha - but for at least the last 2-3 years Vito has been sourcing their stuff from Taiwan.

When Yanagisawa started selling saxes in the US, they felt that people would be resistant to the use of a Japanese name (before Japanese products were seen as high quality). The earliest Yanagisawas sold in the US were distributed by LeBlanc under the Martin name because LeBlanc bought the Martin trademark after Martin went out of business.
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May 11th 7:04 PM
sherry you are correct ,some higher end vitos were made by yani.the v.s.p and sop models are yani made and are great horns and can be had a good prices.other yani stencils include ,whitehall and dorado
W. Minier
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May 12th 5:19 AM
To add to the confusion many of the secondary voice( Eb,alto,bass) Yamaha clarinets are assembled at the Leblanc facility. Also the 'ill fated' YCL-24II.
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May 12th 12:52 PM
I worked in quality control for a local repair and
retail store 8 years ago; and, for some reason in the back of my mind, I have Mexico associated with Vito manufacturing.
Ian O'B. May 12th 1:38 PM
I remember reading somewhere that unmarked Vito's(saying nothing other than VITO on the bell and having serial number)were made in the american west too but I can't be sure.
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May 12th 7:30 PM
The Yamaha student bass clarinets are no longer made by Vito. Yamaha now makes their own vastly superior plastic bass.
saxaholic May 13th 9:58 PM
yamaha, yanigasawa, noblet and perhaps buegeneir (sp?) all at some time made vito the saxophone. i own a sopranino yani and an alto yamaha.....