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Alto May 1st 11:38 AM
When look at Eric Marienthal's video tape (Tricks of the Trade) & book (Comprehensive Jazz Studies & Exercises), he is using a silver plating alto. It doesn't look like a Selmer Mark VI. Especially the covering in that book. Does anybody knows which brand & model it is?

In addition, the ligature he was using in his video tape is not Ligature, the one he usually use. It seem to be a leather ligature with 2 screw, what brand it is?
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May 1st 12:28 PM
Marienthal plays Yamaha Custom saxes in all his videos and photo shoots, as he is a Yamamha Endorsed Artist. There seems to be some question on what he plays live.
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May 1st 9:55 PM
Thanks Giles!

Yamamha Custom? Yoyu mean YAS 875?

You mean has has problem when he play live is because he use Selmer horn so that he get complain by Yamamha?
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May 1st 10:02 PM
He does not play those live.
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May 1st 10:19 PM
Eric uses Mark VI's in concert. He also owned and sometimes uses Custom (which are YAS875's) for a back up horn
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May 6th 6:11 PM
Saw Eric at a concert in a local mall back in Feb. He was playing a Mark VI; we even chatted for a while behind the makeshift stage while the basist was taking an extended solo, so I got to see the horn up close.