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alto May 9th 11:02 AM
A sax player from Korea, all you need to do just click on 300K. how you think his tone?

We don't understand what they're talking but doesn't matter. I like this guy's tone, bright but not too sharp. Also, not much juice on mixing.

He is using a very old Selmer Mark VI, but what MP & ligature it is? Can't see very clear.

Does any Koean sax player look at this forum? Can yo give us some information about this sax player?
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May 9th 10:57 PM
They are talking about jazz concert they have in some city in Korea. I was not interested in Sax when I was in Koread. So I am not aware of this guy.
Bari Martin
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May 10th 8:19 PM
Pretty good player. Sounds like a Link to me. Maybe a Link clone, like a Barone.
Ian O'B May 10th 8:34 PM
I can produce a similar tone on a setup that I like: '47 Balanced Action with a Selmer C* and La Voz reeds.
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May 13th 5:25 AM
I think it's a beechler bellite.
Nobody May 13th 5:46 AM
Yes, you are right Mike. I took a very close look at it and it sure is a Beechler Bellite. Besides, his tone is very similar to Everette Harp's. Everette plays a Beechler Bellite #8 mpc.
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May 13th 7:10 AM
Where else are there archives of streaming jazz videos?
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May 13th 3:47 PM
What's this guy's name...he's pretty good...yea has like hybrid sound of Marienthal and Everette. Love his rendition of "Just the two of us." Sounds so much like Grover's rendition.
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May 13th 4:11 PM
Hold on guys (im korean) let me watch video and tell you guys.
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May 13th 4:30 PM
3rd Uljin jazz festival

Igyung tae is the female anouncer of video.
Jinmok kim is jazz specilaist talking male dude

The first guy with long hair is yong su kim from wave (the dude who played rainbow song).

There were 3 bands

(yong su kim is the sax player)
they played 1.over the rainbow 2.summertime 3.wave

2.sungin jun quartet
(sung jae is the alto sax. player)
they played 1.firn route 2.reflections 3.astrud

3.danny jung
(danny jung ,alto sax. and EWI)
they played 1.september 2. indian summer 3.just the two of us
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May 13th 9:58 PM
2. should be tenor, sungjae not alto.
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May 13th 10:03 PM
looked like #2 #3 bands sax players were using a HR mpc and 1st dude was Metal. I thought him using EWI was pretty cool.
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May 14th 8:31 PM
Do any of you guys or girls know what notes are in the alto sax's B flat scale?
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May 14th 9:29 PM
Start from

G A Bb C D E F G and go down G F E D C Bb A G
something like that

I don't have sax (havent played for looong time) so i forgot, plus i can't check either.
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May 15th 10:28 AM

I think almost all pro sax player are using Selmer Mark VI in Korea, right? I've watch at least 3 to 4 different player in that site, all Mark VI.

Who is the most famous sax player in Korea?
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May 15th 10:42 AM
By the way, anybody knows the song "Wave' & Summertime' orginally was played by which player or this is thier own composed song? Thanks.

This Summertime they play is different with that Summertime (standard Jazz).
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May 15th 4:24 PM
Summertime is by arian gershwin ? they said they made it bit modern.
Wave is composition made by sax. plyaer from wave.
Lot of em play MK6 and im really not sure on who is most famous sax. player, jazz scene is very small in s korea so its pretty much impossible.