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Apr 6th 11:53 AM
What is the technique involved in attaining this sound.
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May 5th 4:04 PM
I'd like to see someone answer Doc's question, especially if "split tone" if what I think it is.

I'm curous to know what Coltrane is doing on "Coltrane Jazz". Particularly on the tune "Harmonique" (sp?).

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May 7th 12:58 AM
'Split Tone' is widly using by David Sanborn. From Eric Marienthal's video tape - Modern Sax, he give instruction how to do this.
Nobody May 8th 1:27 AM
Yeah, I've got a copy of the instructional video "Modern Sax" by Eric Marienthal.

Here is how you achieve the split tone technique: instead of blowing straight into the mpc, you hold the sax a little closer to your stomach and blow in a curvier angle. Meanwhile, move the lower lip a bit closer to the heart of the reed and firm up the lower lip just a tiny bit, not too much or your sound will come out squeaky. Last step, blow harder than usual. Remember, this does not mean biting! Do not bite down harder and harder on the mpc to get up higher and higher in the upper register. Several good notes for practicing the split tone effect are high F#, altissimo G and A. Good luck!

Nobody May 8th 1:31 AM
Oh! one last thing. You are supposed to hear a minor chord if you do it right. You know what I mean, chop a note into 2 halves.
carl c
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May 8th 11:26 PM
LennyH, For Harmonique Trane plays the high F fingering a bis key Bb, right hand high E key, and octave key. For the high E: finger an A, add the high Eb key, and octave key.
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May 9th 3:21 AM
Do you have Eric Marienthal's Trick for Trade video tape? What the name of tune Eric play at beginning? Also, from which CD. Very nice sax tune.
Nobody May 9th 8:39 PM
Hello Alto,

The name of the tune is called "Ouch!" and it's the fifth track from the album "One Touch". Please go check out the following website:

Alto May 10th 11:16 AM

Thanks. I got One Touch & I overlook this tune, sorry and sorry for Eric...
Alto May 10th 11:34 AM

No, you're wrong! I just compare Ouch from my CD with the video, different song. You can check it. If don't believe, give me your email to [email protected], I can record the unknown tune then email to you (just a small part by portable recorder. I will convert the wav file in MP-3 format, file size will be as small as possible).

Alto May 10th 11:39 AM

I got it, it is 'Backtalk' from no. 9 in One Touch. Thanks.