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Mar 19th 6:22 PM
ant difference between a d9 or d7 alto.have the chance to by d7,but is d9 louder/brighter.i have a d7 tenor and it sounds good. willing to trade a beechler 7 for dukoff.
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Mar 19th 6:44 PM
the 9 may be to big .the 7 and 8 seem to be the optimum size for alto.try both and decide
User ID: 9836983
Mar 19th 10:36 PM
i cant play a d9 it is too open. i can play a d8 comfortably. I actually play a P8 but I play tested a couple of D8's and they play similarly to the P8.

the d8 or P8 is around 0.085" I think.

i thought maybe id get a better sound on a d9, but going up to the higher number just makes it harder to play. I am sure if I could PLAY it I could get a bigger sound but I cant PLAY it easily.

This is on various 3 or 3.5 reeds, maybe I could play the d9 if i was on a 2 reed, I did not try that, I am happy with an 8.
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Mar 23rd 1:26 PM
If you like the Dukoff D series, then may I suggest trying a Ponzol M2 as a comparison? I think you will find it intrerestingly nice.
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May 26th 8:38 AM
Does anyone have a comparison in rubber for a
ten Dukoff D6?
Mine's a little raspy/edgy(albeit controllable)from A2 up.
I have a JJ7 that solved that problem, but some other things are not happening. [a questionable trade-off]
User ID: 1850204
May 26th 8:40 AM
I apologize for posting my previous question on this *alto* thread.
I just got caught up in the moment and went berserk.
[But, if anyone has an idea...]