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Mar 8th 11:26 AM
AS110 SELMER, Yamaha YAS 62 & Yans A-901
These 3 alto, how's you compare, tehy seem to be almost the same price level.
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Apr 27th 1:51 PM
I think the AS110 Selmer is a USA horn. If that is the case, its crap. The YAS 62 is a great horn I know many people that swear by them. Try the YAS 52 its cheaper and when i was trying out horns, i really couldn't tell teh difference between the 52 and 62. Yanis are great horns. I play a 991 alto. I absolutly love it. Great dark sound and excellent craftsmanship. Pick the horn that make you sound best.
Robert Gifford
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May 9th 7:25 PM
tree: Have you ever played the AS110? Doesn't sound like it. Yes it is a USA Horn, but its great... so great I do own it and have for 4 years now. Saxman: Most of all, just play all of them and go with the one you like the best. Don't go with what people say.
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May 10th 12:20 PM
I agree w/Robert. The AS110 is a VERY good horn. You should talk smack about horns you haven't played, basing your reasons on what you have heard about USA Horns. TONS of US horns are good horns! King Super 20...Conn 10M...US Selmer Mark VI...the list goes on and on. You shouldn't base your reasoning on a bad horn from where it's made.
Franz L.
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May 11th 11:26 PM
I have played AS-100, the former model of AS-110 ,since 1990. Very good horn with the good intonation and sound. It beats the most Japanish horns also.