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Dec 7th 8:51 PM
I would appreciate recommendations for an instrument-mounted alto sax microphone for live sound reinforcement (no studio recording). I'd like to find a wireless that is not too far from true professional sound quality without breaking the bank, if possible. Ideas? Thanks in advance. Gilbo
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Dec 10th 10:39 PM
When it comes to this kind of equipment, you get what you pay for. Remember a cheap ass wireless is of no use if it cuts out or blasts interference through the PA system, even if the mic itself has good sound quality.
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Jan 14th 3:31 AM
Try They will ship all over the world and are very reasonably priced. You also are offered the chance to e-mail them for as much advice as you might need, both before and after they make the sale!
By the way, I don't work for them, but have experienced thier service first hand.
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Mar 9th 11:18 AM
I found starland to be great on price & service
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Mar 26th 3:33 PM
I recently bought a Sennheiser Evolution wireless EW172 with an Audio Technica Pro35R clip-on mike.
I like it a lot. It's no low budget wireless microphone set that's for sure but I think when you look at the pleasure of using it (read : no noise or interference on the PA) and the sound quality it's for years to stay. I payed approx. 520 USD
Other brands you might wanna take a look at :
Sure, SDS systems, Rexer (good quality, reasonibly priced - a trumpetplayer I know has one).
Hope you find this usefull
David Mekan
User ID: 0345364
Mar 26th 7:43 PM
Peter does it use a body pack.I have one of those and I don't like it.I put my WM98 wireless on the side of my saxes with velcro and I rub against it and I am afraid of knocking it off it bothers me.I want something without a bodypack so I don't have to go through that.I'm talking about the Sennheiser.The money isn't an issue.All the good wireless mics are expensive.I looked at the Shure that I use the other day and it is $799.I like it ,but I just don't like the bodypack.
User ID: 9447203
Mar 28th 6:07 PM
Yes, it does use a bodypack. When you hang this bodypack on your belt there is little change that you knock it off.
I have seen trompet and tromboneplayers who atached a bodypack on their instruments. Works fine but those instruments are easy to atach something to it.
I've looked for a way to attach the transmitter to my tenor. There's room on the bell but I'm also affraid it will fall of.
The wire from the bell to my 'beltpack' isn't anoying. Just have to look out the moment you put your horn away....
David Mekan
User ID: 0345364
Mar 28th 6:24 PM
Peter I seen Dave Koz the other night on Emeril and he didn' have a body pack.Well he didn't have any wire coming from the mic.I don't want a body pack ,because its annoying to mess with stuff all the time.O'h I like the mic,but I don't like the bodypack.Another thing bad is pulling on that wire don't help,because I have pulled it loose and broke the wires before and had to have it replaced.I would like to have something samson makes it doesn't have a bodypack,but I don't know how good it is.Even Selmer makes one I think.Peter how does the Trombone player attach the bodypack.Any suggestion is helpful. Thanks Dave
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Mar 29th 8:56 AM
I didn't know there are clip-on mics whicg don't use a bodypack.
The tromboneplayer places the transmitter in a tight leather bag (excuse my english) which he straps to his trombone with velcro.
The transmitter hangs in the trombonecurve next to his head
Frank D
User ID: 0784604
Mar 29th 11:32 AM
I've tried strapping the bodypack to the bell of my tenor, and found that it upset the balance of the horn, made it difficult to hold and play properly. Mine stays on my belt.
User ID: 1557854
Apr 15th 4:50 PM
Yes there is a completely wireless system outthere that doesnt use a body pack. it cost around $400. Its called Samson Airline Wireless System. You can chek it out at: