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Richard H
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Feb 17th 9:23 PM
Friend who wants to learn sax recently bought a recon. Alpine alto.

I find it beats the hell out of my old Conn in all-round performance. Sounds good, plays easily, lots of power.

Apart from a few used Alpines for sale, I can't find any info on them. Are they student-level saxes and where are they made?
Simon D
User ID: 1557854
Feb 22nd 4:11 AM
From my limited knowledge, I believe that these are student level made in the East. On checking sax retailers in England, I see that Alpine and 'Elkhart' are featured, unlike USA. Thus, probably the UK 'clones'. The prices would indicate that they are not likely to ne manufactured by any 'western' company.

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Feb 24th 4:29 PM
Is anybody out there?
John Z
User ID: 1244314
Apr 20th 7:13 PM
I have an Alpine "Dehan" alto sax. It seems like a pretty good horn to me, but like others, I can't find a word about it on the internet, so I'm posting here to update the topic. Anybody??