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May 5th 4:41 PM
ah, yes, i remember awhile back trying out the keilwerth SX90R at the ww&bw in NYC and falling so deeply in love...until i saw the price tag. How are the EX (intermediate) compared to the SX? has anyone played both? supposidly they're the same body, without some of the real fancy smancy stuff (like the rolled tone holes). And costing under $2000...that price tag is mighty nicer.
mostly alto guy
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May 5th 4:49 PM
The EX also lacks the G# jack and the adjustable palm keys (which I've never felt needed adjusting). I've been tempted to try an EX tenor since I don't play a lot of tenor, and the savings could buy a reasaonable vintage alto or pay for my neeeded Signet overhaul. Should be a great sounding horn.

You could aslo consider an SX90, not SX90R, saving about 300-400 US, and all you miss is the tone hole rings.