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Mark M.
User ID: 0380734
Feb 11th 6:15 PM
OK I need some mental support here... I'm about to buy a nice Chu alto. Problem is I have a Mexican Conn it's replacing, but I can't sell it for family-related sentimental reasons, not worth going into.

Long story short, I need to justify having two altos. How does one use an extra (lesser) alto, if at all?

mark m.
User ID: 0429484
Feb 11th 6:37 PM
Justify to whom?

If you want another one, then you've justified it. Get it. I think it's the same rationale as buying 2 pairs of sneakers, or two white dress shirts, or more than 1 pair of underwear. :)

Use the "lesser" sax when you want to, or in situations where you don't want to risk damaging or losing the Chu. Or maybe put the two horns on a rotation schedule...the Chu get played Jan, March, and May and the Conn in Feb, April, etc...
Mark M.
User ID: 0380734
Feb 11th 6:40 PM
Justify to myself, really. I mostly hate to see the second sax sit unused and rotting away. Silly I know. Maybe I can find someone else in the extended family that would be interested, or save it for one of my kids just in case they decide they want to try it out...

Maybe I can get it in shape with a decent mouthpiece such that it plays with an exageratedly unique character, whatever that might be...any ideas?

User ID: 1557854
Feb 11th 6:51 PM
Well, how much are you playing it? If you're out there several times a week, having a back-up horn is always a good idea. Accidents happen.
User ID: 1759784
Feb 11th 6:54 PM
Here's how I justify buying more that one: "I want it. I can afford it. Nothing else in my life is being damaged or neglected because I am buying this horn. If it will bring me pleasure to own it, why shouldn't I?"

User ID: 7705853
Feb 11th 8:34 PM
loose the mexican conn
User ID: 9279843
Feb 11th 9:06 PM
three tenors,five altos-two sopranos about to get another-what's the problem?Two altos-what do you play the other five days of the week?Treat yourself-guilt free....
Brian G
User ID: 9154853
Feb 11th 9:22 PM
You could always make use of the Mexican Conn as a lamp or a decorative wallhanging. That way it would provide some sort of function, since they're not very useful as musical instruments.
User ID: 9642053
Feb 12th 1:06 AM

I like your attitude... :-)
User ID: 9014973
Feb 12th 5:48 AM
A cheapo back-up is a great idea. I have back-ups for a set of silver Selmers that save my a** when i take a last minute deal at the local roadhouse or go to a Wed nite "blues society" long as the backups are in good shape it's more about player & set-up anyway....:<)
User ID: 2282354
Feb 12th 8:27 AM
Mark, are you married? My attitude is if you want it, buy it and hope she doesn't find out.
User ID: 9642053
Feb 12th 8:47 AM

now this is getting interesting.

"buy it and hope she doesn't find out"

How do you spend that kind of money without your wife noticing and then stop her becoming aware of the fact that there are two saxes instead of one.

I'll be out shopping as soon as I know the secret...
User ID: 9279843
Feb 12th 8:59 AM
Firstly,always skim alittle money every chance you get,then when you get another horn,just use the case you always use-she'll never notice.Fortunatly I have a studio she never goes in so I've got a hiding place-with locks on the doors.and it ain't their business anyway!
Jerry K.
User ID: 1425064
Feb 12th 10:14 AM
Claus, first of all you need to have enough money available to buy the next sax without the family feeling it. I would not recommend taking the money set aside for the mortgage and buying a new sax. This would not be a good idea! I for one live out of the savings account and don't go near a checkbook - my wifes territory. Darn, when I do have to write a check I can hardly remember how. Can you say ATM? I usually only get busted if I charge something and then I get - What's This? Oops! I try not to flaunt my saxes and only keep a few within sight at any given time. I did get busted a few weeks ago when my teacher on the way out the door said "you sound really good on your new tenor". As soon as he said it he had an "Uh Oh" look on his face, as did I. As soon as the door closed I got "did you buy a new sax"? My wife knows that if Jim likes my sax this is not good! I think my reply was something like "oh you know Hun I'm allways buying and selling saxes, and besides it's not new, it's 10 years old." Now if my wife were to go through all the closets and the garage one day and lay out all my saxes, that would not be a good day!
Mark M.
User ID: 0380734
Feb 12th 12:40 PM
I love ALL your answers! And, I just sent a check off to secure the purchase. To be honest, my wife completely supports the purchase. On the other hand, I'll let you in on a technique she uses with me, when the tables are turned.

You buy whatever it is that you want, then keep it secreted away for a month or so. Then, when you're caught with it, you say "Oh I bought that like a year ago, and you knew about it - remember? You never notice anything" or something along those lines. Good luck!

Mark M.
User ID: 9732463
Feb 12th 12:49 PM
Mark, I tried that with my wife before, but it didn't work. I forgot that *I* was the forgetful one, not her.
User ID: 1167284
Feb 12th 12:50 PM
I must be real lucky because if I want something (and we can afford it) my husband says "Go ahead and get it" and if he wants something (and we can afford it) I say "Go ahead and get it". No problems, no games. :)
User ID: 9279843
Feb 12th 1:05 PM
I like the game,guess the kid in me likes getting away with something.It's not the $$ here either it more or less-too much(many) of a good thing.
Jerry K.
User ID: 1425064
Feb 12th 1:31 PM
Truly, I get very little flack regarding sax purchases from my wife. After all, I look the other way as her collection of Longaberger baskets grows and grows. Honest to God, we have far more dough tied up in them than in saxophones.

Andres, what were you thinking? Everyone knows women never forget anything they tell us or that we say!
User ID: 9600383
Feb 12th 3:00 PM
Thomas, have you been married very long? I dont know how you guys can exist like that. Cooperation and understanding... on BOTH sides ... is the best answer. I think its when we treat other people as stupid and imperceptive, that we only show our own stupidity and insensitivity.

LOL..... just my little off topic rant....

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