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Dave Collins
User ID: 9649143
Mar 22nd 5:06 PM
I just bought a new mpc to replace my Meyer, a Brihart Tonalin, and it's replaced both the Meyer and my Beechler. Only problem is it doesn't fit my neck. I'd go for a recork, but then my Rousseau NC4 wouldn't fit. THe Brilhart is too large. What do I do?


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btw is your want a Beechler bellite 6, email me.
User ID: 1132714
Mar 22nd 5:22 PM
get a post-it or any piece of paper and wrap it around the cork/when you change pieces just pull it off.Some guys use tape-too messy,gums up the cork.
Dr G
User ID: 0916684
Mar 22nd 6:09 PM
Plumber's teflon tape works great - seals well against air and water (otherwise a plumber couldn't use it), good lubricity, no adhesive, peels off easily, low cost... I keep a roll in my gig bag just in case.
Isaac Armstrong
User ID: 0192094
Mar 22nd 7:41 PM
I just use paper. Works great for my RIA metal 6* on Tenor.
User ID: 3703074
Mar 22nd 9:50 PM
I'm with Dr G, go with the teflon tape. It comes in 1/8", 1/4", and 1/2" widths, no adhesive and the mouthpiece will seal nicely. It easily peels off and no cork grease required because it's teflon.
User ID: 1084044
Mar 22nd 10:25 PM
Does it not fit as in it's too loose on the cork or is it too skinny to go far enough into the cork? I had the second problem with a Caravan mpc on my YAS-23. Though I liked the sound, it was too flat because it didn't go in far enough. When I played bari for concert band last spring, I had to pull out a lot to be in tune so I used the thin piece of paper trick as described by Thomas.