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Apr 21st 12:42 AM
not to brag, but im the sax setion leader at my school, and im known in part by having one of the nicest saxes at my school. its a jupiter artist series alto sax (the kind with the silver plated body, and gold laquered keys). anyway, back to the subject. so this kid in my section just got his dad's old 1920-1930s (i think it was that time period) york alto sax (all siver plated) refinished, and overhauled. man that horn is nice... and i am so jealous. i guess since im section leader, i'll make him let me play it.
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Apr 21st 7:57 PM
Its the player, not the horn...
Jerry K.
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Apr 26th 1:35 PM
I don't think I'd start making people do things quite yet if I were you. Not the best way to make friends and influence fellow band members. You might just compliment him on his beautiful vantage horn and ask if he wouldn't mind trading horns for a song or two.