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User ID: 9495963
Apr 22nd 2:05 PM
Has anyone tried these, I have not yet had the opportunity to play one. How do they compare to a Yani A901? I'm particularly interested in the intonation consistency of these horns?
User ID: 1947624
Apr 22nd 5:01 PM
I recently tried these horn. I didn't try the Yani, so I am not going to compare. I found the Borgani to have some keywork problems. One that I remember as really bothering me was the distance from the b key and the bis Bb key. The sound of the horn wasn't quite up to par with my Custom. I think the intonation was pretty good. The typical notes were where they usually are. I hope this helps a little.
User ID: 3055604
Apr 24th 9:22 AM
I've tried the Borgani and I own a Yani.

I love the look and tone of the Borgani more than the Yani. I wasn't put off by the action. Unfortunately, I wasn't that concerned with intonation when I tried out the Borgani, so I can't help you there.
User ID: 2456014
Apr 26th 6:23 AM
I had a friend who bought a borgani alto a few years back. It was a satin silver sax, looked kinda like a vintage conn, but w/ modern keys and MUCH shinier silver (it was a much brighter silver...almost white!).

He sounded great, and he seemed to really dig the horn. A quote "everyone likes to buy french horns, but this horn is for me!"
I found it interesting because someone else I knew JUST bought a MK VI for like 5K. The Borgani looked and sounded better....