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Brice B.
User ID: 0220464
Apr 7th 9:35 AM
If you have tried or if you own a 9330, would you please share your thoughts on the horn? Many people say this is the best current production horn availible. I think I want to buy one, but
I need a little more convincing to put me over the top.

Also, what were the best prices you saw on these?

Thanks a lot for the advice!!
User ID: 0784604
Apr 7th 11:03 AM
I have a 9930 tenor. I've tried a 9937 and 9930 alto. The 9937 alto was amazing. The 9930 was OK.

I love Yanis, and I love the 992 and 991 series. I've heard great things about the 9930 curve soprano. Honestly, on the alto I'd go for the 992. The 9937 was pretty awesome, but I like the 991 and 992 overall better.
Fun Bun
User ID: 8416263
Apr 7th 9:09 PM
If you want the Silver buy from Europe! I think the 992 is the best for my sound concept. Dark focused sound and I mostly use the horn for classical. With the right mouthpiece you can get a great jazz sound also. I all depends on what you are looking for in a horn. Get somewhere that will let you try it first.
User ID: 9683713
Apr 11th 11:30 PM
I have a 9930 Bari and Tenor, an 8830 alto (previous version--based on 880 alto design and does not have a silver neck) and a 992 sop. "Best current production horn" is probably a matter of personal preference since the big names all make pretty killer altos.

That said, I really like my alto. I played it back to back with an early 60's vintage Mark VI recently. The VI is a great sax--a bit darker and louder. The intonation of the VI, however, left a lot to be desired. I'd say the best advantages that the silver yanis have (I obviously prefer them) are intonation and dynamic range. The subtlety that you can get from one of these is amazing.

Best prices I have seen for these are in the $3000 range but they are typically used. LoneTango has an 8830 for sale right now. Check the Marketplace.