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Mar 22nd 11:10 AM
What tree is it what it's under the mouthpiece(I dont know what is it in english=D)???silly question, but i just want to know.
Hyvää kevään jatkoa..!
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Mar 22nd 12:13 PM
Check here;
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Mar 22nd 5:10 PM
Or maybe plh is referring to what tree the cork comes from....mmm
mark m
User ID: 8973393
Mar 22nd 6:41 PM
Yes I think "Cork" is a probable answer to the question:)
mark m
User ID: 8973393
Mar 22nd 6:42 PM
nice interpretation, low note!
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Mar 30th 10:49 PM
The reed sits on the bottom of the mouthpiece ( the "under" side ) and it is made frome cane. Cane is a miniature species of bamboo and is actually a grass rather than a type of wood. Cork is actually the bark of the cork tree.
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Apr 6th 11:53 AM
In those immortal words of Johnny Carson:
"I..didn't know that."
Ed McMahon
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Apr 11th 1:02 PM
Haw haw are correct sir!