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May 4th 11:18 AM
I found a yani 900 alto on ebay the other day., so I started looking around. I couldn't find any 900's, all I found are 901's and above. Is this a real Yani or an imitation?
User ID: 6354283
May 4th 11:20 AM
Before Yani made the 901 they made the 900. There are minor differences between them. The 901 has a plastic thumbrest and the 900 has a metal one. There may be a couple of other very small differences.
User ID: 6354283
May 4th 11:31 AM
If you are looking at the 900 that's got a minimum bid that no one has bid on for $1400, that price is way too high. A brand new 901 from a Euro Dealer with cost of delivery and all is about $1300.

That used 900 should be $1000 or less.
User ID: 1523284
May 4th 1:33 PM
The 901 has a plastic thumbrest and the 900 has a metal one.

Are you sure you didn't mean that the other way around? I tried the 901 recently and the metal thumbrest was one of the things I was attracted to.
Steve Cars
User ID: 2386864
May 4th 1:39 PM
Funny, I think the soft plastic thumb hook on my Mark VI is more comfortable than the metal ones on my Yani and SA80 III...
User ID: 0896204
May 4th 9:55 PM
I wasn'tlanning on purchasing the horn. I looked at a cannonball pro today. Thanks for the info.
User ID: 6354283
May 5th 1:17 PM
Yes, the 901 has a metal thumbrest. I've had a Yani tenor with a plastic and one with a metal thumbrest. They are equally comfortable. It's a matter of shape, position and adjustability.

I think it's a trivial difference.