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User ID: 9001673
Mar 8th 10:15 AM
I want to buy a alto for playing at least 2 years. If progress is good, will buy a better one - For various type of Jazz music. What will be my best choice for US$1,600??

I will have a tutor but those peole will only hard selling their musical instrument product...
Dr G
User ID: 0916684
Mar 8th 10:21 AM
If you look 'round, you can often find a 5-10 year old Selmer Serie II alto for that price. I've seen several (and bought a couple of them). They make outstanding jazz horns.
User ID: 9001673
Mar 8th 11:25 AM
A Selemer series 11 only cost US$ 1,600??? No.............

User ID: 3452384
Mar 8th 12:29 PM
I got a virtually flawless Yani A990 for $1600 a while back. Great pro-quality horn. Yani now sells the 991, but there is little difference between the two.
Dr G
User ID: 0916684
Mar 8th 12:46 PM
Saxman, you can ask 'round this forum. I sold one here for the same I paid for it - and, yes, I'm kicking myself for letting it go so cheap after I had my tech go through it and dial it in (with a Walt Johnson case, no less). I found another on eBay for $1350 - in equally good condition - and sold it to a local friend of mine for the same cost. They are killer horns. One of the best lead players in the area uses one and never fails to surprise and entertain with his tonal flexibility and dynamic expression. Highly recommended. It's the modern sleeper horn.
Dr G
User ID: 0916684
Mar 8th 12:57 PM
Saxman, contact me at [email protected] if you like. I've another horn that I bought recently and am having overhauled. It's a King Super 20 with a silver neck that's being set up with Prestini Premium pads and a new BAM case. I've been jonesing for a super Super 20 for a great many years but if it doesn't meet my high expectations, I'll be willing to sell it for what I have in it - close to your stated price range.
Dr G
User ID: 0916684
Mar 8th 4:39 PM
Saxman, there's my ol' Serie II w/ Walt Johnson at eBay right now. Arggghh, it breaks my heart to see it there. As I said, it belongs to one of our fellow SotW players.
Dr G
User ID: 0916684
Mar 8th 5:17 PM
Whooee, it's Serie II alto day! See also the ad just put up under SotW//Marketplace. Prices are pretty close. It might be your day, Saxman!

Let us know how it works out.
User ID: 8248813
Mar 10th 1:23 PM
if your buying modern type , get a yanigisawa A901, pro quality - brand new for little more than the price you mentioned. comes with pro setup and pro mouthpiece. hard to beat.


go to world wide sax and get an old martin handcraft with complete rebuild and mouthpiece for around a thousand.

avoid selmer series II, this guy is obviously just trying to get you to buy his horn.

there was a really nice buffet s1 on ebay that went for around 1600, wow

basically take a little time and look around. for 1600 you should be able to find something really, really nice
Dr G
User ID: 0916684
Mar 11th 12:08 PM
artking, you could be more wrong but you'd have to try. Your statement of "avoid selmer series II, this guy is obviously just trying to get you to buy his horn" demonstrates that your reading comprehension is at an alltime low. Neither of the two Selmer II altos that I mentioned belongs to me. I mentioned them because I have played several, previously owned one, regard them highly, and they come close to meeting the stated budget.
User ID: 1585334
Mar 11th 3:10 PM
I bought a Selmer Series II alto that was a bit damaged. Put some money into it and ended up wiht a Series II for around $1500. It's actually a very good alto. I've seen others in that price range. The one I bought had a damaged neck - got a new neck - one of the bronze ones - from Europe for $164 including shipping. It's great. It's still got a small dent in the lip of the bell but otherwise it plays great.

I also have a Yanagisawa 991 that I got used for around $1500. I like it even better than the Series II because I don't care for the palm key layout on the Selmer. But the Series II plays great and I use it a lot.
User ID: 8596923
Mar 12th 12:57 PM
Saxman, I'm selling a very nice Selmer Series II in your price range. You can see my add in the Marketplace topic. Thanks
Dr G
User ID: 0916684
Mar 12th 2:53 PM
Watch out, lownote, or else artking will be all over you. ;)
Dr. Ben
User ID: 9308123
Mar 12th 11:04 PM
You can get a new Yamaha 62 from Europe (Saxophoonwinkel for example) for that little money. Great horn for the money.
Roger Aldridge
User ID: 1439244
Mar 15th 6:17 PM

If you're interested in a quality vintage horn,
Gayle at has some great-looking Buescher and Conn altos in your price range. If I had to pick one alto above all others I'd probably go with an early 1930's Buescher. My next choice would be a late 1920's Conn. These horns have a tonal quality that I haven't found in a modern saxophone. Of course, this is my personal opinion. Good luck in your search.
User ID: 9488873
Mar 16th 11:34 AM

I purchased a Yanagisawa A901 from an outfit in Australia. With shipping and customs fee's, the total ran me about $1350. I did spend an extra hundred bucks to have Tim at Sax Alley do a full adjustment and a little neck work. Still within your budget. Here's the site address.

BTW I've had Tim restore an old Conn alto and did a fabulous job. He's getting me a yani SC901 and will fully adjust it before he ships it.
User ID: 3786404
Mar 16th 7:41 PM
Check out Unison saxophones, for the money a very
good saxophone. The SG series is their pro level
User ID: 7775003
Mar 17th 5:29 PM
"if you have nothing nice to say , don't say it at all" I apologize for making a comment about dr. G. I don't know him or his motives.
Isaac Armstrong
User ID: 1167284
Mar 17th 8:39 PM
You can also pick up a Mark VII for that under that price, no repairs needed! I paid $1495 (plus MN tax) for my 1977 M258XXX Selmer Mk VII Alto. Very big BANG for the buck! In my opinion, it sounds better than a Series II, but chances are (not necessarily) if you like Selmer, you won't like the VII, likewise, if u don't like Selmer, you just may like the VII (as was the case with me). Give the VII a chance.
User ID: 2839494
Mar 26th 9:56 AM
Guys, here is another question: My son is looking to upgrade his alto and last night he played a Selmer series III. To me it didn't sound like a typical Selmer, is that true or was the room (it was a small audition room) giving me that impression. Understand that I don't know much about Sax's but I have heard typical Selmers and this didn't sound quite the same. Would the series III be more like a Mark VII sound? Also, would the Yahama 875 sound more like a typical Selmer?
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