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User ID: 0081374
Mar 6th 11:32 PM
Does anybody try YAS-62 & A-901? Which are more sitable for Jazz & Fusion sound?

Please don't mention A-991 or YAS-875, which is out of my budget.
User ID: 9600383
Mar 7th 7:02 AM
Both good horns ... I think you'l get a more aggressive sound from the 62, but either one can be made to sound what you want with the right set up. The 62 has a more dependable keywork system,in my oppinion.
User ID: 0464054
Mar 7th 7:57 AM
Thanks. So, do you think A-901 & YAS-62 are too difficult to handle by the absolute beginner?
User ID: 0443584
Apr 14th 11:16 AM
i thought is easier to handle compare to beginner horn. Good intonation, freeblowing and nice sound.

i would support the A 901 with have better key feel and not that bright.

btw, 901 is cheaper rite?
User ID: 0269124
Apr 14th 1:00 PM
Thats a good question NML. Student model horns are designed to be free blowing and easier respoonding ... Made to be an encouragement to beginners, and not a frustration. For an ABSOLUTE beginner you have to weigh your own personality as to whether you want faster results or are willing ajnd able to be patient enough to work harder for a bigger reward. If you get a student model horn like a YAS 23 you can always sellit and move up. There is always a strong market for these horns. A 'pro' level horn will be more resistant and overall more dificult for a beginner to get a developed sound and control with. Best of luck to you
User ID: 0269124
Apr 14th 1:02 PM
The 62 is probably dollar for dollar the best value in alto's, in my oppinion.
User ID: 1084044
Apr 14th 1:11 PM
If you are an absolute beginner, find a used yas-23 and once you master it (or get good at least) move up. I have heard more praise of the a901 than that yas-62. I myself am debating which one to purchase next.