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AaronQ Apr 26th 9:18 PM
how do monique and winston saxes compare w/ selmers and other brands? would it be worth it or not to purchase one?
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Apr 27th 3:15 AM
Look under inexpensive sax brands. Moniques are made in China I believe, and are not highly regarded here. I'm not familiar with Winston, but I think they're better than Moniques. Neither compare with Selmer. Top four horns are considered to be Keilwerth, Yanigasawa, Yamaha(pro-line), and Selmer Paris. Vintage horns are in another category.
AaronQ Apr 27th 8:47 AM
oh. thanks... i've heard really crappy stuff about Chinese what are the top yamaha, selmer, keilwerth and yanagisawa horns? just the top two from each brand? thanks again.
Jack B
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Apr 28th 12:26 PM
Try searching for

A dutch shop, good mail order place, site has great advice, pics, prices, - honest site.
Dave Dolson
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Apr 28th 12:44 PM
Aaron: Sopranos and Altos, at least

Yanagiswa - S and A991/2 (or the silvers; or the curved sops SC901 and SC902)

Selmer - Serie II or III
Yamaha - 62 or 875 Custom
Keilwerth - SX90 and SX90R

Be prepared to spend some money but they are worth it (especially the Yanas, in my opinion).

You may also want to look at true vintage saxophones. Many are top-noth instruments, even at 80+ years of age. DAVE
Kyle E May 2nd 3:16 PM
Saying that Monique alto's aren't very good isn't true. I found a music store website taht sells them for a good price. I also found one on ebay, being sold by the same guy and he said, in his opinion, it palyed better than a Mark vI. I trust his judgement because he has been playing professionally for 35 years
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May 2nd 3:26 PM
Don't trust him Kyle. Moniques are poorly built. For a cheaper cost one should buy an early bundy.
Kyle May 2nd 4:09 PM
I just looked at the guy's website and judging by how many he sells he really likes them. I also found out that they are made by French technicians, it is stated on the bell.
Kyle May 2nd 4:18 PM
If you want the ebay auction it is On this auction he qoutes "I have been playing professionally for 35 years
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May 2nd 4:28 PM
If you want to pay for your experience, do it. But remember..nobody here recommend Monique!
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May 2nd 4:54 PM
Listen I'm not trying to say I know everything. I am actually pretty new on the saxophone, but I enjoy playing and I want to learn to play really well. I will take your advice and look for a different horn. Do you know where I could get a Selmer for a reasonable price?
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May 2nd 5:04 PM
in US, try
out of US, try
mutha potamus May 2nd 5:08 PM

Dominic is as ratty as they get. This guy is a crook & only interested in the sale. I know far more people who have been bilked by him than any other seller on ebay.

FWIW, The reason he sell Moniques is that he' gets them cheap & his mark-up percentage is pretty good (for him, not you). That's why he sells them all over the place.

I would also bet he's not that good a horn player judging by the crap he says is so good.
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May 2nd 5:25 PM
Thank you very much
mutha potamus May 2nd 5:38 PM

Freshsax lists some great sites. Also, I wouldn't limit myself to Selmer. Keilwerth, Yanagisawa & Yamaha are all good quality horns. You can find examples of these at every site that Freshsax listed.

Another thing, if you get the chance, try out as many horns as you possibly can to get a feel for yourself how they all perform...try some vintage horns too. The keywork on these might feel a bit awkward at first, but you can easily get used to that, especially since the tone on vintage Conns, Bueschers, Kings, Buffet & others are so robust.

If you can find a local pro/teacher willing to help, have them accompany you to try some horns.

Good luck in your search!