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Dec 12th 2:22 PM
Keilwerth! Keilwerth! Keilwerth! That's all I have been hearing from friends and many on the forum here, but usually with the added warning... "but they are very bright," or "Man, they are loud!"

So of the various finishes and models in production now, which would yield the least bright and most moderate volume? I play alto, but I'm interested in tenor models, too.

Before I go trial a couple, I'd like to have some idea of which model to ask for first!
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Dec 13th 3:55 PM
The SXR-90's are loud, but I would not call them bright. They have low resistance (loud), but a dark tone.
Fun Bun
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Dec 13th 5:15 PM
To me the JKs are bright.
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Dec 15th 7:02 PM
I have 2 jks. The anniversary tenor (sx90r) is warm and dark. The sx90R alto (nickel/gold plated) is brighter. Both horns are wonderful. I am in the process of finding the right mpc for the alto.
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Dec 15th 7:21 PM
I have a black nickel sx90R and is warm and dark, but can brighten it up when i put my silverplated lasax on it
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Dec 16th 3:30 PM
So "loud" most folks agree with, but not necessarily bright?

RyAn describes the black nickel as warm and dark. Bones above seems to suggest all models are dark.

Anybody tried several finishes? Could you rate the finishes you've had experience with in terms of darness/brightness or other differences in sound characteristics?

Also, regarding the loud (low resistance) aspect, does that make these horns harder to play softly? Do they have a good dynamic range, or is it scewed toward the louder end of the spectrum?

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Dec 17th 6:51 PM
I have an SX90R Black Ncikle and it can be loud if you are not conscience of its capability. However, I have had no problem with the softer end. The instrument is easy to play with good dynamics and great action.
back in the game
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Dec 29th 6:46 AM
I agree with Mike. I have a JK 75 alto, and I'd say it's "resonant" and very free-blowing across the ranges, loud/soft, high/low. By that I mean it can play loud if you can, but it can also whipser, even down low. Sometimes using my favorite C* and a standard Van Doren 2 1/2 I get such a strong standing wave that it seems to try to feedback through the mouthpiece. Strange sensation, I have to say. Backing off a bit or using a harder reed than I'd really prefer remedies this. I believe it's the oversize bell and bow coupled with the silver and nickel plate that makes the 75 special. If you can find one to try, do so!
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Feb 9th 9:55 AM
BMcD, please see my post about EX German-mades in the "Keilwerth" forum topic section listed above this one.