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User ID: 8374593
Feb 1st 2:29 PM
Ive started to do something here as of late and I dont know how to change it...every time i go from like a C to a high G I get a crack in my sound before the G comes out and today I got like a i guess overtone or something but I think it was maybey because i might have been putting too much pressure on the reed and not letting it vibrate. So how do I get rid of the crack and this overtone? the overtone im talking about it like a altissimo g or something of that sort...
Brian G
User ID: 9154853
Feb 1st 4:58 PM
I have this problem with my Yamaha 52 Tenor. I sometimes get the feeling that it's somehow leak related. Help anyone else?
User ID: 1613614
Feb 4th 1:26 AM
Keep practicing. I had same problem, then one day, it suddenly got better. And Tada, I sound great now days in all register.