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Oct 24th 12:51 PM
Where is Marc Russo? Maan i used to love hearing him play with the yellowjackets. His altissimo screamed and he sounded so diff. from all the other alto players. Does he still play and is there any recent albums i can buy to hear his latest playing. I know they took his solo album off the shelves
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Oct 29th 1:41 PM
I think the last and only solo CD he did was "The Window" and it has been kind of quiet on the Russo Front. I saw him a couple of times with the Yellowjackets, and man, what a master of altissimo. How he can sound like that with a Meyer baffles me (no pun intended) amazing player! I still picture them doing "Blues for Nikki" from "The Spin".. Both times were wonderful musical experiences.

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Nov 9th 5:04 PM
I heard him play this summer at a free outdoor concert in Walnut Creek, CA. (That's his hometown BTW) He said he's working on new material for an album, but he also indicated that he didn't really have a recording contract at the moment. I guess he's raising his family and not gigging too much. Despite the junior high students running the sound equipment, Marc sounded amazing. I'd love to get a copy of "The Window" but I haven't been able to find it on-line or in the stores.
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Jan 23rd 5:49 PM
The man is a god! he has it all, and we should be able to hear him, someone give the man a contract!
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Jan 23rd 10:17 PM
The only time I saw Russo live was just after he replaced Lenny Pickett in Tower of Power - truly an amazing player.
Tom S
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Jan 24th 10:52 AM
I saw Russo on the BAMIs(sp - Bay Area Music...something...something) several years ago. What he played live was sooooooooo much better than anything he has done on solo or on Yellojackets recordings.
Tom S
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Jan 24th 10:53 AM
BTW: I have a CD of The Window around somewhere.
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Feb 1st 4:30 PM
I saw Marc Russo about 3 years ago playing with the Doobie Brothers and he was outstanding on both alto and tenor.
Smokin' Joe
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Feb 2nd 4:25 PM
I also saw him with T.O.P....amazing !!!
Smokin' Joe
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Feb 6th 10:09 AM
I just stumbled on what he's doing now. He's touring with The Doobie Bros. there's a bio on him too.