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Jan 25th 1:42 PM
What kind of advice can you sax players give me for playing large intervals quickly? I want to develop a slightly more professional (or competent) sound when I do this (specifically in classical saxophone pieces).

Do you have some advice for how to get a more seamless and less killing-a-bird-like sound?

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Jan 25th 4:29 PM
Practice scales where you return to the root note. This will give you lots of interval practice. Also look for exercises and etudes with interval jumps.

Heres what I mean about the scales. Take the C scale for instance. Play C-D, C-E, C-F, C-G, C-A, C-B, C-C, etc.

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Jan 26th 11:18 PM
Make sure you're playing a setup that will allow you the flexibility - big tip openings and hard reeds will hold you back.
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Jan 30th 2:09 PM
Actually big openings will give you more flexibility but should be played with softer reeds to take advantage of the flex. This setup will also be harder to control.
Hard reeds on small openings will give you a more consistant in tone quality, but it takes time to become compitent with it.
For most younger players a 2.5 hardness reed like a Hempke, on a mouthpiece with a 3 to 5 tip opening and a good amount of baffle. A square chambered Meyer or Selmer C* or C** is a good classical set up.