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Jan 23rd 4:25 AM
Anybody have trouble with their neighbours and
noise levels from their sax and have you got any
tips as I live in an appartment and don't wany to
invest in a horn if unable to practice.
Sax is my Axe
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Jan 23rd 4:29 PM
You can do several things: (1) get a sax mute, (2) practice at a time when few neighbors are home, or (3) practice away from home (e.g., in a parking garage). Best wishes.
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Jan 24th 5:51 AM
Al - check out the thread "For Beginners" >Places to Practice, for a few more ideas.
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Jan 24th 9:30 PM
move! im not trying to be a smart alec .ive been put out of plenty of places until i bought a house with a basement and a shed on 7 acres!i trenched 150 feet to put electric in a shed that sits in the middle of nowhere sorrounded by land.. i can blast the horn at 3 am now if i feel like it!i did learn how to play qietly with control when i had nieghbors comes in handy during some jazz gigs.