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Jan 19th 1:21 PM
Yesterday at NAMM I got to try a bunch of altos. The one I liked best was surprisingly a silver Borgani. It really played well and had a silky tone. Second best was a tie between the pure Silver Yani and the New Silver Keilwerth. Both were great.

My teacher tried a prototype Unison with three octave keys that he really liked. Also my teacher tried the prototype of the new Selmer reference horn at the IAJE show last week and he loved it.

There were an incredible number of great altos at the show.
Texas Red
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Jan 19th 2:22 PM
Don't stop there. Tell us more.
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Jan 19th 5:43 PM
I've posted around the forum. I've got something up in tenors and something in the Sax Makes areas.

There were so many good horns it was overwhelming. If I had tried the Borgani, the Silver Yani or the New Silver Keilwerth in a shop I would probably have said "Wow. this is the best alto I've ever tried." All three were very easy to play. The Borgani had a sound I would describe as lush and creamy.  The Yani was like a 991 with more depth and a bit more brightness. The Keilwerth was just like a really first rate Keilwerth.

I didn't even try any Yamaha altos because that's what I play most of the time. I didn't try any Cannonball altos cause I've played a few of them lately in my local music store. I didn't try any Unison just because I didn't. There was just so much there.

Look under tenors you'll see what I had to say about tenors at the show.
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Jan 19th 7:40 PM
How did the Reference alto fare?
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Jan 19th 8:07 PM
I haven't seen or played the reference alto. It's still a prototype. My teacher played it at NAMM and said that he thought it was awesome. He thinks the particular Yamaha custom that he plays - which he had overhauled by Rheuben Allen and which he has a hand picked neck on - is the best alto he's ever tried, and he said he thought the Reference Alto was way up there. I won't be out for at least a year because it still only exists in a prototype.
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Jan 19th 8:40 PM
I was at Sax Symposium last week and I also played a Borgani silver tenor. I was really surprised that I liked it soo much. It had an incredible sound, althought the keywork was a little clunky. If I was going to by a modern horn I would really consider a Borgani. Cam
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Jan 22nd 5:57 PM
did anyone see any altos with a high G key?
i know the series 3 has them for soprano, and figure it will be natural evolution to start putting them on altos
Isaac Armstrong
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Jan 22nd 6:05 PM
That topic was beat to death on the Tenor section, and Inexpensive Brands section. Someting about the fact that adding the G key on anything larger than a Soprano (though I dislike it on soprano too, I'll stick w/my F#) deadens the sound or something (can't remember exactly), and that it's just a marketing ploy. Some early Cannoballs had a high G on Tenor (so I was told). It didn't go over too well obviously. 'Course, the High F# started out as a marketing ploy too, and it's damn near standard equipment now!