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Andrew Ward
User ID: 0317884
Feb 6th 3:24 PM
Hi guys,
I am the proud owner of an A901 Yani. I love this horn but I am puzzled, given Yani's reputation for superior intonation, why my low Bb is routinely 20-25 cents sharp. I have tried it with both the stock HR no. 5 mouthpiece, and a Meyer no. 5, and get the same results. I can get all the other notes to zero on my tuner, but I can't get low Bb flatter than 20 cents. Anyone else seen (heard) this?
User ID: 8722703
Feb 6th 4:27 PM
Try lowering the Bb key Slightly and see if it starts to flatten out
User ID: 8931733
Feb 6th 4:56 PM
How can you lower a key, when it's already closed to produce the note in question?
User ID: 7580153
Feb 7th 2:41 AM
You can't (lower the key).

It is worth using an electronic tuner to check tuning all over the sax, to see if your mouthpiece is on far enough. Play the note first, then look at the tuner, or you may blow to meet the tuner - I don't want to appear pedantic, but you should look at the tuning of the note you have just blown, rather than attempt to blow it up to pitch. Having said that, 20-25 cents is way off. Try shoving the mouthpiece right on and see if the Bb is in tune, if it is, how is the rest of the sax?

Someone will doubtless mention Paul C's mouthpiece exercise, see the main site.

If neither of these reveals the solution, there is obviously something amiss and you should take the horn back.
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Feb 9th 10:17 AM
i also notice that. beside of sharp low Bb, do u also found that stuffy high F# and diffcult to produce altissimo G ?
Andrew Ward
User ID: 0227464
Feb 9th 11:49 AM
Hi guys,
Thank you for the replies. I have been using the mouthpiece exercise since I started learning 10 months ago. The low Bb is the only note that is significantly off and cannot be lipped to show 0 on the tuner. There do not appear to be any leaks, and low B itself is fine. It is very puzzling. I am going to write to Yanagisawa in Japan and ask them if it is normal.
High F# is fine on mine, and I haven't tried altissimo G--being a beginner!