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Jan 22nd 12:43 PM
I was interested in what Dennis D. said in another thread about developing Eb or Bb ears. Myself and a Tenor playing friend of mine were talking about this recently but everyone thought we were crazy. Do you think it possible that a musician can have a better natural facility on either a Bb or Eb instrument?
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Jan 22nd 1:01 PM
I think if you practice both, you can make the change easily. I never did, so I learned Eb. If I try to play a Bb horn, my embouchure does all sorts of wierd stuff trying to make the 'right' note come out.
User ID: 9279843
Jan 22nd 2:00 PM
I don't buy the Ears theory. I play instruments in C,Bb,Eb,G,+D. Where's the problem?