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In the market
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Jan 20th 12:21 PM
I've pretty much given up the idea of a Cannonball or Unison after checking the overseas prices. I can get a Yani A901s in silver plate for $1661.00 from England or a 991 for $1904.00 from Saxonfoonwinkel. Neither had a 992. The cheapest BB cannonball i came across was $1849.00.
Your comment.
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Jan 20th 12:57 PM
Did you check They seem to have the cheapest Yani prices. They show the 991 at $1560 before shipping (another $100).

How big of a hurry are you in? The reason I ask is that with a little patience you should be able to pick up a used 991 for $1500 or even less. Alternatively, it might be worth it to wait for a 992.

I got a chance to try the 992 at NAMM and it was a really good horn. I think it's a bit darker than my 991 which is a really great horn. I don't know if it's worth $700 more though.

The Big Bell Cannonball is a pretty nice playing horn, but the overall build quality doesn't come close to the Yani.
Fun Bun
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Jan 20th 1:07 PM
992. Is worth every extra penny you pay. It just fits inside my sound concept better than the 991.
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Jan 20th 8:52 PM
Buy the 992. I just bought a tenor from Saxcompany.NL and that was the cheapest price. Got the horn in 36hrs.
User ID: 9517143
Jan 20th 9:11 PM
For the same money, you can buy a great sounding Buescher Aristocrat or Conn 6M alto.
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Jan 20th 10:00 PM
How about a Sterling Silver Yani A8830?
e-bay, looks like @ $1900.00 but it closes in 6 days from now so who knows?

From the posting: "Solid silver (not merely silver plating) affords a clarity, suppleness and warmth of tone that brass just can't produce." It doesn't look Sterling to me though, perhaps the pics?

I already bought one similar (Yani A9933) so it's not for me. BTW I've got an offer in on a sop Yani now, in looking for it, I looked at the Musique site referenced above and couldn't understand the pricing. Is that Euros?

My advice pretty much would echo Ron just said (or Bootman or Steve G or many others have already said so eloquently. I believe since most of what I've learned has come from this site it's not any new info:) get a vintage Buescher Aristocrat or 400: perhaps a "The Martin" or a Conn. The Buffet Superdynaction or S-1 is as good as any horn out there too, I was reading a thread before the site crashed wherin many players claimed the SDA (SuperDynAction) was better than ANY Selmer Mk6, and the pricing on those is signifigantly less.

Buy one from a player, probably someone who has too many horns. (I have 8 different altos for example and will be selling 6 good horns (I hope) in about 8 months)

Best of luck whatever you choose.
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Jan 21st 8:14 AM
The 991 or 2 is a much better made horn than the 901 - all play well but the 99* have better finish and construction, the rods are a bit weak on a 901 IMHO.
Dave Dolson
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Jan 21st 11:11 AM
I bought my A992 from Matthews (The Netherlands) off an eBay auction. I recall the price was around $2600.00.

It plays great - every bit a match to my gold-plated Cigar Cutter (until the Yana, the best playing alto I'd experienced). DAVE
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Jan 21st 7:32 PM
A sterling-silver neck (by Yani. I think it costs around $600 though) and 992 will give a awesome combination.