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Texas Red
User ID: 0707654
Dec 17th 11:03 AM
Undecided about a silver unison or silver cannonball big bell. the unison is about $1400. have'nt got a quote on the cannonball.any players of either?
Texas Red
User ID: 0707654
Dec 17th 2:04 PM
never mind i found the answer in the inexpensive thread
Sax is my Axe
User ID: 8179663
Jan 20th 7:48 PM
Texas Red,
Maybe you posted this elsewhere, but I couldn't find it. SO?

What did you get? Tell us about it?

I have a Unison alto and love it.
User ID: 8722703
Jan 21st 4:54 AM
Both are up and coming horns..
Alot of it will depend on what you like but even more important how well there set up..MY BB Cannonball tenor wasnt that great untill a good repairman went thru it and made fine adjustments. Now it sounds like a dream to me.
Texas Red
User ID: 1550764
Jan 21st 12:39 PM
I havent got anything yet. a local dealer was looking into carrying the cannonball line. I got quotes on the CB silver ranging from $1850 to plus 2K and no quotes on a silver unison. everyone i talked to said they were out. If im going to spend $2000 i might as well get a yani from europe. or if i can find a king super 20 with a silver bell i would rather have that. i thought about trading in my new 1949 Buescher 400 THC tenorthat i just had renovated by Tim Glesmann but my local teacher suggested i would be a dumbkoph if i did that. i using a stock $19. mp piece that works real good but im going to try one of the morgans. the more i play i realize how stupid i would have been to get rid of the horn. The funny thing is that when i decided to keep her she started to sing real pretty. put that one on the x-files.
Isaac Armstrong
User ID: 9558813
Jan 21st 5:03 PM
The Silver Unison Alto from Sarlett's Music (Morris, MN) is $1200. The Cannonball '98 series from Eckroth Music in any finish (Alexandria, MN) is $1495. The Big Bell Global Series Alto from the same Eckroth Music store is (in any finish) $2095.