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Dec 2nd 5:51 PM
Does anyone play the bronze model (901?) or more specifically the 9930 (kind of the modern Silversonic) for jazz? What is the consensus?


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Dec 30th 7:35 PM
i'm wondering too
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Dec 31st 12:16 PM
I've tried both the bronze and regular laquer yani. I like the regular 991 for both jazz and classical. The bronze sound is not as big as the laquer. Get a 991 it is a superior horn. Also many guys are giving up their mark vi's for the yani 991. Its a great saxophone.
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Dec 31st 12:54 PM
Daryl...I now have a Yani 992 Bronze. I have found it to be one of the best, if not the best, Alto's I have played (Mark VI, Selmer III, Super 20, Keilwerth, Guardala, Couf). It is very free blowing with a BIG sound. Also very versatile. I liked it so much that I just ordered a brand new 992 Tenor. I have a 47 The Martin that I LOVE and would throw myself into oncoming traffic for!!!!! So that should tell you something.
Son of Zorn
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Dec 31st 1:06 PM
jjgold, i was wondering how long it would take you to buy a T992 :-)I have the B992 bari and it's just phat. Love it. And your alto..that was a tough choice to sell. It did play very much like my SBA. Glad you like it.
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Jan 4th 2:46 AM
I bought a new bronze Yani 902 alto six months ago and I'm thoroughly happy with it. I checked it against a 992 and found it more resonant. Walt of the House of Woodwinds told me that the 902s don't have rib posts which makes the body resonate a little more. It is also 900$ cheaper but the down side is that the key work isn't as sturdy and sophisticated as the 992. I like the sound better on the 902 but it could just be me. It really reminds me of an old Balanced Action that a friend of mine has. Very centered and focused sound.