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Dec 16th 8:30 PM
I just tried to purchase a Heimer Sax off the web, it was supposed to be 100% cosmetic and playing condition. I've been sent the wrong sax twice now, and to make up for the mistakes they want to send me a new Olds NA62MN Advanced Student Sax. I know I was price shopping at the time, so I knew I wasn't going for a very high quality sax to begin with. This sounds like it should be a good deal, but I can't seem to find anything out about the Olds line of saxes. Any thoughts?
License to Blow
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Dec 16th 10:21 PM

.. what is your email address.
perhaps I can shed some light.
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Dec 17th 11:27 AM
I hope you don't mind - but I really don't want to post my email address out here on a forum. However, thank you for offering to help!
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Dec 17th 6:56 PM
from the hiemers i have seen you are better off with the olds
Jeremy Barzizza
User ID: 1139804
Dec 18th 12:42 PM
I have an Olds soprano that seems to get a great sound, but I am not exactly a soprano player, so I dont really know whay is "great". I would like to hear something about the olds brand as well...
Isaac Armstrong
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Dec 19th 4:20 PM
The old OLDS saxes were GREAT! I have no clue since Taiwan bought them. I have heard that they have a 10 year warrenty on their new saxes (which is the LONGEST warrenty on ANY woodwind or Brasswind I have heard of!). So if that warrenty rumor is true, it can't be a terible sax. However, my personal run-in with a modern OLDS Tenor Student model, was the quality was poor, and the sound thin. Then again, it could've just been one that slipped through the cracks. EVERY brand has its bad egg.
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Dec 22nd 12:39 AM
I had a Heimer silver-plated alto which came without a neck($10.00).I was going to use it as a decoration. The keywork actually was so sharp it would cut my skin(left hand pinky keys). I would avoid a Heimer at all cost!!!
Gary Hartle
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Dec 23rd 2:51 PM
Other than the name, there is no connection to the old American made Olds saxes. It's a cute marketing strategy to sell more Taiwan saxes. They're also doing this with the Buescher name. Not that Taiwan saxes are all bad, mind you - I have a soprano, and I've played some other ones that were nice. The Woodwind and Brasswind house brand is just as good as any of them. Why not just pick up a good used Yamaha YAS-23?