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User ID: 9056633
Dec 15th 9:12 PM
I've been trying to buy a Sax on the web as a Christmas present for my husband. He doesn't play any instruments or read music - so it will be pretty much just for tinkering. A company that I have been dealing with is now planning to send me a new Reynolds Saxaphone. Does anyone know anything about this model and what it is worth?
User ID: 9112483
Dec 16th 12:50 AM
I own a Reynolds sax, it was the first one I've ever had. I've been playing almost 6 years. In my experience it plays very well and has held up great, especially considering I got in middle school. =) It has a nice sound and is very comfortable. The model I own is an intermediate model and I love it. It's made in Taiwan but who cares if it works great!