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User ID: 0213374
Jul 2nd 10:19 PM
Do you know anything about this brand/model sax. It is being sold "Road Show" style at Costco.
mutha potamus Jul 2nd 10:23 PM
Diamond Saxes!? Costco!? I've never heard of the brand before, but if it's being sold that way & that place, it can't be all that great.
User ID: 0213374
Jul 2nd 10:25 PM
I'm musically illiterate but someone else said it looks like junk. Any other thoughts?
Isaac Armstrong
User ID: 0534004
Sep 28th 9:40 PM
Costco! C'mon, if u can't buy it at a music store, just write it off as junk to begin with. At least at a music store, u have a fighting chance of buying quality! (though some sell junk as well)
Chris SAX
User ID: 9858163
Jan 20th 1:28 AM
User ID: 2964484
Jan 20th 5:27 AM
I always thought Diamonds were a girls best friend. It beats me how they hold a decent conversation with one though.