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magnus ver magnussen
User ID: 7503923
Jul 1st 9:37 PM
So has anyone NOT played one of these before? Seems like there's a billion of them sitting in closets somewhere.
User ID: 9607473
Jul 2nd 9:36 AM
Bundy II came after my time. My Bundy is long gone.
Sungho Kim
User ID: 0930774
Jul 2nd 7:13 PM
I bought a Bundy II last year for my first sax in my life. I'm not a professional but I don't have any problem yet.
You guys never buy Bundy? or only they are being exported to other countries?

Sungho Kim / Seoul, Korea
magnus ver magnussen
User ID: 7503923
Jul 2nd 7:46 PM
I guess they're just standard issue beginner horns. I've seen so many of them, especially kids' parents selling them once little Johnny decided that soccer was cooler than band after jumping headfirst into it.

They're fine horns for plenty of a matter of fact, aren't the Bundy horns just Bueschers anyway? Someone help me out. I know the Bundy bari I played in school for a while was the same as my TrueTone Buescher from 1919, save for a few keys. I'm sure the action and keywork isn't top notch, but we don't all need a Mark VI, I know I don't.
User ID: 2964484
Jul 2nd 10:28 PM
I have an older Bundy #85xxx . I think it was made in the 50's . It's a pretty nice horn. well made. nice sound.
User ID: 9990163
Jul 3rd 12:38 PM
Sungho Kim, please e-mail to me. [email protected]
User ID: 2463104
Jul 3rd 10:14 PM
Magnus, my Selmer USA bari (the evolution of the Bundy) was a dead ringer for a Buescher 400, back bell keys and all.
User ID: 9308123
Jul 6th 12:11 PM
i had a Bundy II in grade school and jr-hi. It was one of the plastic looking ones; close your eyes and it sounded just fine!
Jack W.
User ID: 1223124
Jul 6th 11:28 PM
I had a Bundy alto before the Bundy IIs came out. I had switched to flute by the time I got to high school, but I remember the plastic-looking horns, for there were a few tenors of this variety. Only I don't remember them sounding too good even when we closed our eyes. :) :) :)
Sung-ho Kim
User ID: 0930774
Jul 19th 12:44 AM
Thanks for comments to you all.
If any of you using Bundy II, pls advise if the octave key of it is just normal and ok. I feel difficulty when I use three keys(the highest D, D#, E key on the left high side).

Any comment?
[email protected]
Gary Markham
User ID: 0157524
Jul 19th 6:29 PM
Bundy was my first horn. It had some type of rubber pads. Bad idea. I think they only did this one year, and then switched back to leather pads. I traded the bundy and $450.00 for a King Super 20 Silver Sonic when I was 15. I still have the 20.
User ID: 9133663
Jul 25th 1:20 PM
Bundy's suck.
User ID: 1105234
Aug 31st 2:11 AM
hmmm, i think the octave key is alright - i mean, i played this thing since 4th grade (11th now) so i should know, lol - i've really been meaning to go out and look for a nice pro sax, but i've been 2lazy - honestly i love my bundy II and think it's great (i obviously have never played a pro sax, lol)
User ID: 9412633
Aug 31st 2:34 AM
I played my tenor bundy II long after I was out of high school! At least mine is a good horn, Since it has a bright sound. I used darker mouthpieces and it wasn't loud but sounded great sound great.
User ID: 9412633
Aug 31st 2:42 AM
oops, sorry!
User ID: 9558813
Sep 30th 2:28 PM
I have an old Bundy. When I discussed getting a new horn many advised me to get new mouthpieces or work to improve my tone. In other words, they didn't think a new horn would make much difference.

I now have a new yamaha silver 62 and my sound has improved dramatically with that instrument.

Anyone who downplays the effect of a good quality horn(new or vintage) is misleading you.
Eric Weber
User ID: 9084913
Sep 30th 10:56 PM
Wow, talk about memories! I started out on a Bundy back in Fifth grade. The same day I rented it, my dog got ran over and killed by a car... been playing sax ever since. Anyway, I remember it well-the large dent in the bow from a previous renter, the plastic case that doubled as a sled during those snowy winters in Denver. Actually, I pushed the case through the snow in an effort to relieve my arms... those horns are heavy when you are 10 years old. Those were the days.

I had a Bundy II in middle school. It was the version with the beige metallic finish and nickel keys. I am sure some of you have come across those in your travels as well.

I went back to an older Bundy when I started High School. I used brasso to remove the tarnish and shine up the brass a little as a majority of the laquer was missing - not the best idea; it took off more laquer than it did tarnish. Oh well, live and learn!

Most of the Bundys I see these days are wall hangers. I remember seeing one at a T.G.I. Fridays restaurant once. However, I am sure many are still in service today and continue to serve their purpose well.
Bari. Student
User ID: 2693314
Oct 12th 4:02 PM
WHoah korean person from seoul im korean too ! sung-ho.
mutha potamus Oct 18th 8:50 PM
The original Bundys (except for cosmetic differences) are Buescher Aristocrats. The Bundy II came after Selmer bought Buescher out.

A lot of people bash the original Bundys for practically no other reason than the name. Clunky (by now) keywork aside, these horns are capable of easily producing a great tone.

As far as I'm concerned, the original Bundy's are a much better fit for a beginner than ANY new student horn because of the ease of tone production.

Keywork action issues come later.
User ID: 7837853
Oct 20th 9:13 AM
What about the Selmer USA AS300? Has anyone seen or played this horn?
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