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Mike A.
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Jan 15th 11:27 PM
Does anybody what Art Pepper's setup is? Any info is useful.
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Jan 16th 7:21 AM
Regarding his mouthpiece, in his later years he played a Runyon Custom #7 MPC (red). Before that he played a Meyer #5 or #6.

Except for a short time while he was a clinician for Buffet, he played a Selmer Mark VI.

I don't know what kind of ligature, but I have never seen a photo of him where he was not using a standard ligature (i.e. not a Runyon lig. on his Runyon MPC).

Reeds? Anybody's guess is as good as mine. By the way, Art's my main man!
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Jan 16th 8:04 AM
AP was a major endorser and player of Martin saxophones...
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Jan 16th 6:43 PM
Early career: Martin alto and Meyer mouthpiece.

Later: Buffet followed by Selmer Mark 7 with Runyon mouthpiece.
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Jan 16th 7:33 PM
There's pics of him on a couple of great records from the fifties with his Martin alto. Check out Art Pepper Meets the Rhythm Section!
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Jan 16th 7:39 PM
as far as i can tell pepper never owned a mk6 ,it lent to him so he could get a job with buddy rich. he was a supreme junky and never owned any horn long. he owned a conn 10m tenor for a few years.(got bitten by the coltrane bug for awhile)
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Jan 18th 8:18 AM
Just as an addendum...I've got several late-model albums of Art and the photos are of Selmers. Also on the film "Notes from a Jazz Survivor" and in some of the photos in his autobiography he's playing a Selmer, of course that doesn't mean they're Mark VI's. In the earlier photos those are most definitely Martins.

Also, although, Santy Runyon wrote me that Art choose a red Custom because of the sound, I noticed that on the album photos and film mentioned above, his mouthpiese is black. It does, however, look like a custom.
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Jan 19th 12:07 PM
Again, the alto that Pepper played at the end of his life was a Mark 7. He played a Buffet before that.

He did play a Conn tenor in prison and for a time after he was out, but I think that was more due to the type of gig he could get - not that he preferred it to alto.
super20 dan
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Jan 19th 2:30 PM
sounds like someone has been reading THE STORY OF ART PEPPER
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Jan 19th 3:27 PM
I have indeed read Art's Straight Life a couple of times and have recommended the book to many as a roadmap of how not to lead a life. I think he only mentions his Martin, Buffet and a Meyer mouthpiece by brand in the book. He also mentions an unspecified brand of tenor.

He did borrow a Mark VI for a short tour on at least one occasion. His use of Runyons and the Mark 7, though, was after he had written the book and are not mentioned.

A good friend of mine played in Art's band on his final tour, the tour he died during. My friend was quite disenchanted to learn that Art was back using drugs again despite his declarations.
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Jan 19th 7:35 PM
yes a very HEAVY book. he was given every chance in the world after each set back or slip and just keep going back to drugs.its a wonder he lived as long as he did.