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User ID: 0889114
Jan 17th 12:58 AM
hey, my D palm key isn't closing all the way. i had this problem for awhile and fixed it by using a rubberband and then took it off and it was ok. but now, the D key sometimes when i use it, it doesn't close all the way and all of my notes don't come out. anyone had this problem before or have any suggetsions?
User ID: 9467593
Jan 17th 9:15 AM
I had this problem on my Bundy II -- the ribbon-type spring would slide out of its groove, and the key wouldn't shut. I suppose this could happen on any sax where the spring's groove is not very deep.
John T.
User ID: 0247944
Jan 17th 10:21 AM
Its either the flat spring (gone weak) or the pad may have gotten bad.
I'd replace both and be done with it.
[email protected]
User ID: 0701364
Jan 17th 11:52 PM
All the above advice is good, but also check and make sure that you don't have a bent, or rusty hinge rod. Also make sure the the key is not bent.
Try to unscrew the rod in the key and see if it comes out easy. If it is hard to remove, then that might be whats wrong. If the spring is still there, then it is more than likely still strong enough, but may be laying to the side of where it should be, or the flat spring screw may be loose. A post out of alignment is another thing to check. Good luck.