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Jan 19th 11:40 PM
Why would anybody buy a brand new sax when a classic often sounds so much better? I bought my boy quite a few altos to choose the best one. The Yanagisawa 9933 and Yamaha YAS-62 have nothing on the Buesher 400, Buffet Superdynaction or the "The Martin". NOTHING. sorry dudes.

The last 3 together cost less than the 9933. I'm not dissing the 9933 here. Everybody on board worships them. It may be the best new horn you can buy. But the last 3 horns are better. If your going to buy just 1 horn, get a Buescher 400 or a Martin for a few hunderd $, save the money, they sound better too.
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Jan 19th 11:48 PM
Huh? I don't know who worships the 9933 - I've never even seen one. I have tried the 9930 and 9937, and they are interesting horns but I haven't seen them worshipped on this forum.

Nothing against any of the horns you list - they are all good horns. But they aren't much cheaper on the used market than a used YAS 62 or Yani 991. In some cases a good one costs more.

The older horns have a certain vibe and sound and feel and if that's what floats your boat, then great. Personally I prefer the feel and sound of modern horns so that's what I play.

As far as why would someone buy a brand new sax - well maybe they just want a shiny new one that they were the first owner of and that has a warranty.
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Jan 20th 11:45 AM
Sherry I just love it when you talk turkey.
Dave Dolson
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Jan 20th 12:20 PM
I have a mixture of vintage and new, both sop and alto. For my needs, they all have a role in my performances. Like Sherry says, I like all of them for their playability, looks, action, and sound. I'll put my Yana A992 up against any vintage alto I've played or owned. Not to say there isn't a vintage alto lurking somewhere that will out-play my new Yana (like boxers, there's always someone who can knock off the champ), but I haven't seen it - and quite frankly, I feel no need to look for it. I thought my old gold-plated Cigar Cutter was the champ until I played the A992. Folks, we have a new champ. DAVE