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Jan 14th 11:36 AM
yamaha yas62body + yanigisawa bronze neck??
is it a good idea for better tone color?
Dave Dolson
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Jan 14th 4:27 PM
I have a few neck/horn combos that I've tried over the years. Some work, some improve, some don't. Example, on the advice of a respected dealer who sold me the horn, I put a Selmer MKVII neck on a Yana 880 alto and it worked wonders for the horn.

I put a silver Yana straight neck on my SC902 and it worked wonders for an already wonderful horn. I put a Keilwerth neck on my new Yana A992 and the intonation suffered, although the sound was different from the bronze neck, but not better. My Keilwerth straight alto came with two necks and one is definitely preferable to the other. Most two-neck sopranos will show you that you'll like one over the other.

There have been threads on SOTW that talked about replacement necks for tenors (from Steve Goodson) that favor making a change. Right now, I'm trying to buy a silver Yana alto neck for my A992. Why? Because I like plating and I think it may improve an already good horn (the A992). I'm always searching for a better set-up. DAVE