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User ID: 0867924
Jan 10th 5:06 PM
I just got one, and was dissapointed in paying so much for it. The cap has a sticker on it, where I was expecting something a little nicer, and the mouthpiece itself plays about the same as a standard Meyer. Although cosmetics mean nothing to a good playing mouthpiece, its still a dissapontment. Let me know how you feel about this mouthpiece.
Dave Dolson
User ID: 9614573
Jan 10th 5:30 PM
I just today play/tested a bunch of alto and sop mpcs at a store in L.A. The new New York
Meyer 6M was among them. For me it was one of the weakest of the bunch. I ended up with an SR composite piece. It plays smoothly (with #2 Rico Royal reeds) and is very warm. It does not have the centered/focused powerful sound of my Barone HR, but it is a nice piece just the same. DAVE
User ID: 6744053
Jan 11th 3:57 AM
I bought one new on ebay for about $100 - same as many standard mpcs. I have said here before, no way is it worth list price - its a great little piece, but as you say I don't know if its any better than a standard one. I too thought the lig, cap (with sticker) made it look cheap, they would have been better including none at all, like many other manufacturers. I am getting great results on it with an Olegature and Rico JS 3S reeds.
User ID: 9892733
Jan 11th 11:53 PM
I got one for Christmas..........alto, no. 5, using it for concert wind symphony. Beats a C*, but it is overpriced. Cap is kinda cheap looking with the sticker, but the piece plays ok. Not like the old vintage Meyers, but better than the new standard ones. I've got a Selmer Soloist D that will out play it, but the soloist is just a wee bit too much for some concert music (purist director) so I'm using the New York Meyer.....on a Mark VII. Works well. I've got an Olegature that fits the soloist (no. 2).....wonder if it will fit the Meyer? Steve, what size is yours?
User ID: 7253233
Jan 14th 5:01 AM
I'm using a clarinet sized Olegature (don't know what number it was) - it sits more comfortably on the Meyer than an Alto size one. Try yours, it's either going to fir or it won't, no harm done, and there is quite a lot of leeway. A Rovner works nicely too for a softer sound, but I don't like to lose any brightness in a lig, I'd rather it was available and I can soften the sound with my playing.
User ID: 9892733
Jan 14th 5:08 AM
I tried my olegature on the works. Like it better than the lig than came with the Meyer piece. Got several Rovners too. Haven't tried them yet.