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Dec 30th 7:32 PM
i wanted 2know their website URL - lost it somehow when i formated the harddrive.

i'm really intersted in buying a yanagisawa after hearing so much good things about them. also, who has had experience buying from matthew's music (or any place w/o trying out the horn) cuz it's sort of a risk buying from a euro company cuz i can't try the horn out or anything.
Another Bill
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Dec 30th 7:36 PM
User ID: 1523284
Dec 31st 1:05 AM
thanks for the link - also, what are considered the "new" yanagisawa saxophones?? i was talking to a guy who said the newer ones are really good.
and why do ppl call 'em "yani" - why not "yana" for awhile i was thinking yani was a different brand all together, lol.
Dave Dolson
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Dec 31st 1:11 PM
Darryl: I've purchased three saxophones from Matthews - site-unseen (two new Yanas and a new Selmer). All were terrific instruments. True, one runs a risk by buying this way, but if you can afford it, their prices are very competitive (sounds contradictory doesn't it? buying for price when you can afford the risk!). My first experience with them was when I saw an eBay auction they ran.

My experiences with new top-o'-the-line saxophones has been good. However, before I buy, I do a lot of research and discussion.

For instance, I recently A/B'd a new Keilwerth and Yana (the solid-neck models) straight sops and found both were lacking. At another store, I A/B'd a straight Yana (solid-neck) and a lacquered Selmer sop. Again, both were lacking. All were okay, but not what I was looking for in light of what I already owned. After some soul-searching, I took a chance on a new silver Selmer SerieIII (from Matthews) and it was a keeper.

Anyway, Matthews delivers well-prepped saxophones and I think there is a return-policy. Others on this board may be able to comment on how well THAT works. I sure haven't had to use it.

You can e-mail them at [email protected] They've always answered my questions. Right now, he is looking into a silver Yana neck for the A992 for me.

And, I have NO idea why folks say YANI - maybe it's because they don't know how to spell YANAGISAWA. DAVE