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Jeremy Barzizza
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Dec 29th 9:06 AM
How does the Super 20 compare to a new pro Yamaha? I have heard that they are remarkably similar....
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Dec 29th 7:29 PM
They are really nothing alike IMO. I play a super 20 and have tried all of the new yamaha horns. The super 20 is a big free blowing monster. The yamahas are very good horns with tight action, but seem to me, a super 20 player, small and too resistant. The mechanisms and keywork are of course superior on new yamahas, but I cannot even explain the difference in sound and projection. It's like apples and oranges. I'd be curious to know where you heard a comparison between a super 20 and a yamaha.
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Dec 29th 9:10 PM
You probably hear that a Super 20 and a Yanagisawa are similar - or maybe whoever told you Yamaha had heard Yanagisawa and converted it to Yamaha.

Yanagisawa makes a model that has a silver neck and body, sort of like a Super 20 that also has an underslung octave key. There was some discussion somewhere on this forum - maybe under tenors about the similarity between the old Kings and Yanagisawas.
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Jan 4th 12:08 PM
Of the new horns currently being produced, which one do you think most closely approximates the sound of the Super 20?
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Jan 7th 6:18 PM
It's very important to realize that the Yani's are based on a MK VI bore, so other than their very fine design improvements and the underslung octave key and offering of silver belled, necked and even bodied horns, there is no real similarity to Super 20 which has a bigger bore and bow. I really like Yani's (I own an 880 bari), but they don't sound like a 20.