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Dec 31st 5:38 PM
What do some of you SX-90 players use on the business end of your Keilwerth? What are some mouthpiece/reed combinations that you have found to work well with this instrument? Anyone use a HR piece?
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Jan 8th 6:51 AM
my guardala king R&B cuts good, methinks a bit less baffle and a bit more chamber may well be better (for me)
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Jan 8th 6:59 AM
sorry forget the above - I thought i was in the tenor forum, for alto I used a link super tone master, (big sound)
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Jan 9th 3:44 AM
Yep, used a HR Selmer C* and a Meyer NY Ltd 6M on my former SX90R Anniversary with a Rovner lig. The Meyer worked particularly well and I liked the Rico JS 3S or Hemke 2.5 or reeds (when I got an occasional good one...). Another good piece on this horn is a Yani metal no 7 - don't laugh give it a go!
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Jan 16th 2:28 PM
I use an silverplated lasax #8 with 2.5 vandoren javas on my sx90r alto and love the sound.
Big D
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Jan 17th 10:53 PM
i use a hr link for my alto
with RSJ reeds
very fat sound