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User ID: 9649143
Dec 24th 6:03 PM
I want to get an alto just to play around with. What would be the best alto i could get for around 300 dollars. Any age. I see Buescher truetones for around 300 and they seem to be in good shape. are these a good deal for 300 bucks?
User ID: 7705853
Dec 24th 7:30 PM
a true tone for 300 is good providing it doesnt need to much work . these are very old horns remember. a later aristrocrat is another good choice or a old bundy .(not bundy 2)
Isaac Armstrong
User ID: 0240854
Dec 24th 7:31 PM
For an old Pro horn yes, but the intonation is a far cry from modern saxes. For $150 you can ususally find a 1st generation Bundy (the earlier the better). The Post Selmer Bueschers are also good student models (same exact horn as the Bundy in fact). Just stay away from ANY $300 Chinese or Taiwanese saxes unless they are used. Even then, check with the "Inexpensive Brands" thread first to find out what the better cheaper brands usually cost new. Most of them will only re-sell for around $300 to $500.