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Innocent Bystander
User ID: 1042384
Dec 23rd 4:12 AM
A Mark 6 never looked this good...
User ID: 9892733
Dec 23rd 4:48 AM
Very interesting.
Stoic Cynic
User ID: 8430353
Dec 28th 10:56 PM
Strange coincidence but I'm listening to Life on Planet Groove and Maceo Parker had just introduced Candy Dulfer guest playing as I clicked into this thread...hows that Twilight Zone theme go again?
Shane F
User ID: 9140763
Jan 1st 10:03 AM
Hopefully she will tour the US sometime...
User ID: 1216034
Jan 4th 3:18 AM
Candy Dulfer? What I've heard from her I haven't been a fan of. Is she good?
Innocent Bystander
User ID: 1042384
Jan 4th 4:18 AM
Does it matter ?
User ID: 9279843
Jan 4th 7:57 AM
I have seen/heard Candy on TV here (Germany) and saw her live at the North Sea Jazz Festival. She's a good funk player but she's a Maceo Parker/David Sandborn clone who doesn't play better than many other players I've worked with who don't have the looks or the promotion.

Bottom line. See Innocent Bystander.
User ID: 9077913
Jan 4th 10:52 AM
Much to be admired. A player who can make a living playing her own choice of music and may bring the instrument before a new audience.

I could be stone deaf and still admire her.
Innocent Bystander
User ID: 1042384
Jan 4th 4:46 PM
A bit like Kenny G huh DougR?
same principle and good luck to the pair of them.

" I could be stone deaf and still admire her. "

Being stone deaf is a real asset around some wimmen...
User ID: 3320394
Jan 4th 4:55 PM
So how does Suzii feel about this?
User ID: 7705853
Jan 4th 5:48 PM
to put candy duffler in the same catagory with kenny g is an insult! unlike kenny g she playes with real passion! i have most of her cd,s and can assure she CAN play. a woman who playes r&b like a house a fire and looks like that ... what more could a man ask for!
User ID: 2442714
Jan 4th 8:29 PM
She is quite a POA. I wanna be reincarnated as her mouthpiece.
User ID: 2964484
Jan 5th 12:14 AM
The only similarity is the long blond hair.
Innocent Bystander
User ID: 1042384
Jan 5th 1:11 AM

My alto technique is lacking,
maybe Candy can give me um, lessons ?
Does she need a caddy?

I still think Gayle has to got to be the best
catch around.

" I like 'em small, I like 'em tall I like 'em
ALL !' (George Thorogood "I like girls")

User ID: 7705853
Jan 5th 7:05 PM
gayle is single again and has even been in my bedroom! (to see my sax collection) i let her play my little super20(alto that is)